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آئسکریم فلیور میں چھپی ہے آپ کی شخصیت

علمِ نجوم کے مطابق زمین، چاند، سورج اور ستاروں کی کسی کے پیدائش کے وقت پوزیشن شخصیت پر بہت زیادہ اثرانداز ہوتی ہے اور ان کو دیکھ کر اس علم کے ماہرین لوگوں کی عادات و فطرت کے بارے میں پیشگوئیاں کرتے ہیں مگر کیا آپ کو معلوم ہے کہ آئسکریم کے مختلف ذائقوں کی پسند بھی یہ راز افشاء کرسکتے ہیں؟

جی ہاں ایسا واقعی ہوتا…


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1st Sem
Couple Design for Wedding Ring


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1st Sem
How to Recycle Wood Palette


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1st Sem
beautifull roses


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5th Sem
Sunnah's of Jumma

It was narrated from Abu Hurraira that the Prophet (Pbuh) said: Whoever does Ghusl then comes to Jummah, and prays as much as …


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2nd Sem
بستیاں کب ویران ہوتی

کہتے ہیں کہ ایک طوطا طوطی کا گزر ایک ویرانے سے ہوا ، ویرانی دیکھ کر

طوطی نے طوطے سے پوچھا ”کس قدر ویران گاؤں ہے،.؟ “طوطے نے کہا لگتا ہے یہاں

کسی الو کا گزر ہوا ھے

“جس وقت طوطا طوطی باتیں کر رہے تھے ، عین اس

وقت ایک الّو بھی وہاں سے گزر رہا تھا ،اس نے…


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2nd Sem
Children of war


It was the scorching heat of dog days when someone knocked at my door. I opened the door to a child of about eight, asking if I would buy anything from him. He was a cute little boy with brown hair and green eyes. His skin was tanned and his clothes displayed…


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2nd Sem
My Dream of becoming a Nurse is Not Unworthy


“I so want to be a nurse that each day after my school, I go to a clinic nearby my place…


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2nd Sem
The Story of Pizza Hut.

In 1958, Frank and Dan Carney had an idea for a great local pizza…


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2nd Sem
اشفاق احمد

یک روز بیٹھے بیٹھے میرے ذہن میں خیال آیا کہ میں گدائی کر کے کچھ رسد لے کر ڈیرے پر جاؤنگا ۔ اور لنگر میں شامل کرونگا تا کہ پرانی رسم کا اعادہ ہو ۔ گھر کے پھاٹک سے باہر نکل کر جب میں نے ادہر ادہر دیکھا تو میرا حوصلہ نہ پڑا ۔ میں اتنا بڑا آدمی…

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2nd Sem
But judge we do

Perveen washes my clothes, my dirty dishes and my bathrooms. She mops my floors and empties my trash and sometimes (like once in a blue moon) takes a duster and flicks it haphazardly at some of the furniture so she can add dusting to her list of chores.

She’s a cheerful soul and even when her…


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2nd Sem
No soldiers for sale

It was the early hours of August 14th 2013, and flags fluttered on flagpoles around Pakistan, as soldiers in Army bases prepared their customary gun salutes. It was a holiday and salaried men and schoolchildren took a little longer to awaken, dawdling in their beds as pots of tea began to bubble on stove-tops. It was Pakistan’s 66th birthday and amid the killings of the…


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2nd Sem
must read my nation's requirement

In 1987, a 74-year old rickshaw puller by the name of Bai Fangli came back to his hometown planning to retire from his backbreaking job. There, he saw children working in the fields, because they were too poor to afford school fees.

Bai returned to Tianjin and went…


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2nd Sem
It's a Free Country

by Noorulain Noor

My sisters and I walked to the small corner store at the end of our lane on a sweltering August afternoon. We purchased a medium sized fabric flag, and three packets of small flags printed on cheap paper strung together with a length of twine. We came home and wedged the medium sized flag made with a polyester blend fabric between the curves in the wrought-iron fence circling our rooftop terrace. We tied the…


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2nd Sem
Apes Of Planet............

In this article I remind you the great film by Tim Burton which was release in 2001 by the name of Planet of apes. In this film that the human send to another planet where apes was in rule and they live so much prosperity. At that planet the apes have designed their lives according to their needs. In which the…


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