Network Rules

             Network Rules

(1)  Respect yourself first, so others respect you. Words you type represent you. Always be guided.

(2) Flooding or spamming is typing random numbers, too much emoticons and letters for no reason or repeatedly sending a link. This is prevented by the terms of service and is very disruptive to the chat. People find it very annoying and if you do it you will find out that you are either banned or ignored.
(3) Typing messages with CAPSLOCK on often annoys people, it is used to say that you are SHOUTING what you are saying. You can type in CAPS if you want but you should expect that people will add you to their ignore list. It is best saved for when you are really shouting something.
(4) Any members caught quarrelling or provoking anger using the chat shall be suspended from using the said applications.
(5) No foul or abusive language is tolerated here. No matter what you have to say, you need to choose some decent vocabulary for it.
(6) In VUHelp Other website Links for self advertising are not Allowed all over VUHelp Discussions ,blogs, photos etc. Before posting Discussion make sure its free of other website links and tags.
(7) Remove main chat just in case of abuse ,fight between two members and flooding ..other wise don't remove chat again and again.

(8) Mods admins don't showoff ,be polite with members ,don't use Your authority to hurt someone.
(9) Mods, admin don't fight on any issue on main ..use Admin Group to resolve Your personal issues

1st Sem
Javid Bashir . April 29, 2017 at 3:29pm

good rules


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