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Fundamentals of Auditing and Bussiness (ACC)

ACC311 ACC501
Banking (BNK)
BNK601 BNK603
Computer Science (CS)/Information Technology (IT)
CS101 CS201 CS301 CS302 CS304 CS401 CS402 CS403 CS408
CS410 CS411 CS501 CS502 CS503 CS504 CS506 CS507 CS508
CS601 CS602 CS604 CS605 CS606 CS607 CS609 CS610 CS614
CS615 CS701 CS702 CS703 CS704 CS706 CS707 CS708 CS709
CS710 CS711 CS712 CS713 CS716 CS718 CS721 CS723 CS724
Economics (ECO)
ECO401 ECO402 ECO403 ECO404 ECO501 ECO601
Humanities Distribution (EDU)
EDU101 EDU201 EDU301 EDU303 EDU305 EDU405 EDU411 EDU654
English (ENG)
ENG001 ENG101 ENG201 ENG301
Ethics (ETH)
Finance (FIN)
FIN611 FIN621 FIN622 FIN623 FIN625 FIN630
Humanities Distribution (GSC)
GSC101 GSC201
Human Resources Management (HRM)
HRM611 HRM617 HRM623 HRM624 HRM625 HRM627 HRM628 HRM713
Islamic Studies (ISL)
Info Tech (IT)
Mass Media (MCM)
MCM101 MCM301 MCM304 MCM310 MCM311 MCM401 MCM411 MCM501 MCM514
MCM515 MCM516 MCM604
Management (MGMT)
Finance And Management (MGT)
MGT101 MGT111 MGT201 MGT211 MGT301 MGT401 MGT402 MGT404 MGT411
MGT501 MGT502 MGT503 MGT504 MGT510 MGT520 MGT601 MGT602 MGT603
MGT604 MGT610 MGT611 MGT612 MGT613 MGT705
Marketing (MKT)
MKT501 MKT530 MKT610 MKT611 MKT621 MKT624 MKT625 MKT630
Mathematics (MTH)
MTH001 MTH100 MTH101 MTH202 MTH301 MTH302 MTH401 MTH501 MTH601
Pakistan Studies (PAK)
PAK301 PAK302
Physics (PHY)
PHY101 PHY301
LAW/Management (PSC)
PSC201 PSC401
Psychology (PSY)
PSY101 PSY401 PSY403 PSY404 PSY405 PSY406 PSY407 PSY408 PSY409
PSY502 PSY504 PSY510 PSY511 PSY512 PSY513 PSY514 PSY610 PSY631
Socialogy (SOC)
SOC101 SOC401
Statistics (STA)
STA301 STA630 STA730

Comment by + ★·.·´¯`·.·★ §ÅÑÅ ★·.·´¯`·.·★ on September 17, 2016 at 9:16pm

wah g kya baat ha sir :o nyc work :p

3rd Sem
Comment by +Mahnoor on September 18, 2016 at 8:01am

niCe work 

1st Semester
Comment by Atif Hameed on September 18, 2016 at 9:47am
How can we get further material regarding CS practice. Video lectures are not enough and machines and softwares they recommend are hard to find now coz those are outdated or too old. Is there any live commencement of regular class in virtual campuses? CS specially is not that easy to be understood just by consulting video lecturs.

1st Semester
Comment by H@Mi on September 18, 2016 at 10:20pm

ETH202 - Ethics (For Non-Muslims) Added

1st Semester
Comment by H@Mi on September 18, 2016 at 10:22pm


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