18 mcqs little bit from moaz file.
Subjective part:
1 question of making list of 1 to 100 integers by using recursive call function.
Why we use parenthes for operator precedence? give reason.
Draw AVL tree.
At what point it is easy to push element at the that place where pop element ,inside the list.

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Today's my paper, data structure, date 9.12.2017, time 11:00 am

Mcq's mostly from past papers:

reference variable ka input tha us ko explain krna tha..

2 questions thy jis main output btani thy..

code likhna tha link list method main remove ka..

or aik BST draw krna tha...

18 Mcqs from moaz past papers.

19:Why we do not use parenthesis in post fix expression.

20: recursive function wala ek program.

21:Insert 18 in AVL tree.

22: Draw a BST.

23:Explain the  concept of L value variable with an example.


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