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Advanced Research Methodology: STAT 730
1. What is thematic Analysis?
2. What is inferential Statistics?
3. Non Probability sampling does not involve random sampling selection but not in Probability sampling why?
4.Theoretical Frame work
5. r = 0.84 Relationship b/w employee performance and training what does it mean?

Here is the question paper of Advanced research methods Stat 730

1- discuss theoretical frame work in thesis.
2- components of Research design 
3- conditions for non-probability sampling
4- what is abstract in thesis/report writing.
5- why descriptive statistic used in research 
6- how we can treat missing of data in research writing
7- explain grounded theory and its limitations
8- similarities between qualitative nd quantitate research

1.    Factors which can effect the way data is analysed?

2.   Rate,  High, medium, low job satisfaction with regards to gender and job satisfaction?

3.  Open ended coding is used in qualitative or quantitative research? explain

4.  Similarities between qualitative and quantitative research?

5.  Explain clearer distinction between results and conclusion while carrying out research?

6.  Theoretical framework is necessary for any research work?. establish its importance.

7.  How introduction of thesis / article should be written, explain introduction?

8.  Reasons for using survey for the purpose of data collection?

9.  Criticism on the qualitative research?



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