Advanced Research Methods (STAT730) Assignment No. 3 Due Date: 6 February, 2016

Purpose of Assignment:
The purpose of the assignment is to learn how to perform Linear Regression Analysis. By learning this technique, students will be able to practically learn how to conduct data analysis, test relationships between IVs and DVs and it will eventually help in thesis writing.
Linear Regression Analysis is used as one of the most frequent data analysis tool in research. It is used to understand a phenomenon (DV) by using single or multiple IVs, thus we build a model for the phenomenon which may deem to be true or not. In its simplest form, regression analysis allows us to analyze relationships between independent and dependent variable/s with the power of prediction and may help in trend analysis. Various tests are then employed to determine if the model is satisfactory. If the model is deemed satisfactory, the estimated regression equation can be used to predict the value of the dependent variable given values for the independent variables.
Assignment Questions:
From the given data, you are required to mention and explain the following:-
1. Is model significant? 
2. Value of R square and its interpretation. 
3. Write the regression equation of significant predictors with explanation.

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