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Solved paper with reference 


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Total 20 Mcqs all questions come from Waqar and moaz files buhat Easy mcqs tha

6 short questions

A complement find karna tha A ki value given thi. 2 marks

Define two advantage of arithmetic mean 2 marks

Sample space ka point find karna tha S(2,4,6) 3 marks

Geometric mean find karna tha values given thi 3 marks

Last question ma group data kaa medium find karna tha table ma classes hain frequency di gai thi. 5 marks

No question come from probability just 2 mcqs

odat sta301 paper

90% mcqs were from moaaz and waqar siddhu files but phr b 20 lectures ek bar lazmi study kren q k mcqs me statement change hoti.
Subjective part
1. Define discrete variable
2. Cumulative frequency nikalni the
3. Mid points nikalnay thy classes k
4. Probablility of cards nikalni the
5. Ek question permutation se tha

Mray to aj paper khatam baqi sb ko best of luck

My Paper 

Mcqs from moazz file 

Probability sa relates question tha 

Name the 2 measure of dispersion which are not using all observation 

find median 


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