Assignment NO. 1 

Clinical Psychology

                                                                                                                                                                     Due Date:21 May 2018

Please read the given case of XYZ carefully to attempt the given questions:

XYZ used to be a healthy and happy woman. She got married at the very young age of 15 and
had 3 daughters and 2 sons. Few years back (about 5 to 6 years) she was diagnosed as having
stones in her gall bladder that was to be removed via surgery, thus she had operation of her gall
bladder, that operation brought some serious life threatening time for her, followed by spending a
lot of time at hospital. Her wound was cleaned and dressed regularly to prevent any infection;
special care of hygiene was taken by the nurses and later by her daughters at home. She also had
concerning levels of decline in her appetite along with some weight loss. Slowly and gradually
after she got well she started having concurrent thoughts of being dirty and contaminated, she
would also feel herself to be physically sick and unwell for which she wouldn’t make any
household decisions or do any work at all. Overtime she started satisfying her thoughts by certain
acts. She started washing her hands more frequently followed by gradual increase in her hand
washing and bathing rituals. She also wouldn’t let anyone touch her to not get contaminated and
dirty after washing herself. It started bothering her children especially when they were her care
takers and had to look after her. All this happened in 3 years span from now, XYZ’s family has
been taking her to the doctors and psychiatrists for her treatment, after her condition got out of
control and was interfering with her daily functioning

Please answer the following question in the light of above-mentioned case:

1. What are three symptoms which show that XYZ has a psychological disorder?
2. Write down the Informal and Formal Psychological Assessment for this case.
   Informal assessment: (Clinical interview +Mental status examination) (1.5+1.5)
   Formal assessment: (At least two diagnostic tests) (1.5+1.5)
3. What would be the hypothetical diagnosis of the XYZ’s case according to the DSM
   IV-TR or DSM 5? (4)
4. What would be the prognosis of this case? (3)
5. What would be the appropriate management plan for this case?(4)

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