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Psy101 Final term paper 2014

Psy101 Final term paper 2014




Total Questions =50

MCQ'S (1 mark) = 40

Subjective ( 3 mark) = 5

Subjective (5 mark) = 5


60% Mcq's from past papers.


Q. Hippocrates postulated a theory of “humors” that accounts for the basic human activity. He believed that four temperaments form personality. Name any three of them.


Q. Illustrate any six emotions which you mostly experience in your daily life. (.5+.5+.5+.5+.5+.5)


Q. Distinguish between the crystalline intelligence and fluid intelligence?


Q. Your client suffers from claustrophobia and can’t get on the elevator at his place of employment. The therapist helps him construct an approach hierarchy to work towards riding the elevator. The client is trained in relaxation before the approach hierarchy is used. Briefly explain the behavioral technique that is being employed in above mentioned scenario.


Q. Hans Selye proposed that a person’s initial awareness of the presence of a stressor is Alarm and Mobilization stage. Name and briefly explain the other two stages. (1.5+1.5)


Q. Human brain is the most intricate, complex; sophisticated yet ‘quite’ machine in the universe and thinking is one of most important functions of human mind. Keeping the above mentioned statement in mind, write about the fundamental elements of thinking. (2.5+2.5)


Q. In ancient times, man thought that soul was responsible for a number of things including some mental symptoms and diseases. In other words, the explanation of mental diseases according to the ancient man was that mental diseases are caused by the abnormal activities of the soul. Later in time, mad or mentally ill were regarded as witches and wizards. Some people also regarded “mad” or mentally sick as possessed by evil spirits or devils.

Critically evaluate this concept and as a student of psychology answer the following:

What do you think that is the above mentioned concept present and prevailing in our today’s society or not? What do you think; this concept is right or wrong that “mental disorders are due to spiritual disturbances and restlessness or due to the influence of evil spirits”? Explain. (5)



Q. A psychologist with the______________ perspective would expect to find a hormonal imbalance, chemical deficiency, or brain injury as the cause of abnormal behavior. Identify and briefly explain the above mentioned perspective.


Q. Naima is a 10 years old girl. She has irrational fears of cats. Whenever she sees a cat, she starts shivering and screaming. Her father took her to a psychologist for treatment as he felt that Naima was generalizing her fear to other objects. So he wanted to eliminate her fear at this early stage.

How would you treat that girl by using the method of treatment, presented by Bandura?


Q. Mr. MaqboolBabri was recently appointed as a sport psychologist for Pakistani cricket team. What could be the repertoire of his duties?


Please read thoroughly, don't rely only on past papers then u can easily attempt the paper.


Wish you all the best !!!!!!!!!

Psy101 current final term paper 2014

subjective tottly from past paper  
my today paper 

Q:Driving to college one rainy day, Meena narrowly misses a car that slides through a red light.
“Slow down! What a terrible driver,” she thinks to her self. Moments later, Meena herself
slips through an intersection and yelps “ooh! These roads are awful. The city rain water
needs to get out here. What bias has Meena just

Q:Saad feels that when he smokes he looks stylish. He thinks smoking enhance his functioning
competence. That is why he keeps on smoking. The ABC model of attitude encompasses
different components, keeping in mind the above mentioned situation name three
components of Saad’s

Q:Asim loves psychology. He has decided to choose the subject as a career. He only has the
basic knowledge of the subject. He is keen to know that what psychologists do. He is thinking
about the attitudes of the people and how they change over time.
To guide Asim, name major sub fields of psychology and write a note on forming and
maintaining the attitudes of people.

1: What is long term anxiety called? What are causes explain  (3)

2: A boy gets low marks in his exams and blames the instructor while neglecting his own bad preparation. Which defense mechanism is he using? (3)

3: Salman is 50 year old man alcoholic. At age of 20 he started drinking alcohol. Now he starts forgetting the names of his daily life things. What is the disease he suffering  (3)

4: Usman has interest in studying the life of criminals.

What field is he from?

What is the role of usman as psychologist? (3)

5: Women are talkative so Aleena is talkative. What is the conditional reason of this scenario? (3)


1: 4 causes of illusion and define visual illusion (5)

2: Comment on Lateral versus vertical thinking (5)

3: Create a mobile by using classical and operant conditioning (5)
4: Social workers, political parties, salesperson, and lawyers all use tactics to comply others. Write three techniques for compliance and define social influence. (5)
5: Comparing Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung who inspires you most and why? (5) 

paper .. 26-aug-2014

  1. Q. Illustrate any six emotions which you mostly experience in your daily life. (.5+.5+.5+.5+.5+.5)
  2. Forensic psychology & what is the role of forensic psychologist?
  3. You are required to write a hypothetical case of a person, who is suffering from panic disorder.
  4. Q1. emotional expression
  5. Which appeal focuses on the qualities of the product and explain with example
  6. Oedipus and Electra complexe
  7. Perception is the mental organization and interpretation of sensory information.
  8. Behaviourlist theory
  9. Ek teacherek student kay late anay may nahi danti aur us kay absence may bhi us ki present lga dayti hai aur student  isi wja say assignment na krnay ka sochta hai is thinking ko kya kehtay hain
  10. J b Watson  say related tha

PSY101 - Introduction to Psychology Final Term Paper 2013!


Q1. emotonal expession


Q2. Problem in research


Q3. Note on memory


Q4. characteristics of personality


Q5  Dimension of personality


Q6. sales person , teacher , clincian, politician, exhibite special type of intelligence..


Q7  Concept of middle age era n Islamic era of psychopathology


Q8. Job analysis.......








Total mcq’s = 40



5 questions having 3 marks:

1. Who define “tabula rasa”, briefly define it.

2. Salman drinks Alcohol, due to it he got lose of memory. What situation he suffers and explains it.

3. How Psychiatrist are differ from council psychology.

4. Define personality

5. Differentiate conformity and compliance.


5 questions having 5 marks:

1. Define the following


Variable schedule

Fixed-interval schedule

Variable –interval schedule

2. Define 2 steps of job analysis and describe them.

3. Define systematic decentralized phobia and its steps.

4. Differentiate source and surface trait

5. Define ways of improving memory and define 3 of them.








Solved MCQS For Final Term Exams!


PSY101 - Introduction to Psychology Solved Quiz!

PSY101 - Introduction to Psychology Solved Final Term Papers!


PSY101 - Introduction to Psychology Solved Final Term Papers!



Psy101 Final term paper


jazakALLAH Khair great work..


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