Dear Students,
Given below are some of the case scenarios. You are required to read the given scenarios
carefully and then identify which theory of emotions is operational in each case. After
identification, you are required to provide logical justifications in order to support your
identification. You are also required to develop a proper link between your identification and
the given case. For this purpose, you need to use the given tabular format:
Case Scenarios Identification


Ali was a student of F.Sc.
(Pre-Medical). He was
working very hard to pass the
examination. His father had a
great wish that he becomes a
doctor. His exams were
started from March. After a
long preparation, his exams
started. When he entered the
examination room, he began
to tremble and his heart beat
increased. After a short

while; he realized that he was
Ahmed was playing cricket
with his friends. Suddenly a
growling dog appeared. As
the dog approached him, he
became frightened and
nervous. Meanwhile, his
hands started shivering and
heart palpitations started.
Due to this frightening
situation, he also began to
Bilal came to a circus with
his father. He watched a high
wire act in the circus and he
suddenly became aroused.
His father told him that he
saw an excited high wire act.
He realized that the arousal
state is actually the
excitement which he
Asad and his family slept at
night. Suddenly, he felt that
there is some body on the
roof. He went there and saw
a thief who was engaged in
stealing jewelry. He took a
rapid action and ran away
without thinking as he
experienced rapid heart
palpitations, trembling and

sweating. When he reached
at a safe place, he became
aware of his heart pounding
and at that time he
experienced the emotion of

Important Note:
Do not copy justifications from the handouts otherwise no marks will be awarded.
Marking Scheme:
5 Marks for each case scenario
2 Marks for identification and 3 Marks for justification 5*4=20

Question File also attached

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Replies to This Discussion

Idea Sol

1. James- Lange Theory of Emotions
because here physiological responses occur fist then he realize emotions frightened.

2. Cannon- Bard Theory of Emotions
because emotional experience, activation of nervous sys took place at the same time..

3. Cognitive Labeling Theory/ Two Factor Theory of Emotions
because nonspecific kind of physiological arousal and labeling of emotional state both occurs.

4. Cognitive Appraisal Theory: Richard Lazarus (not confirm)


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