PAK301 Mid Term Papers Fall 2017 December 9, 2017 to December 20, 2017 & Past Papers

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Asslamo Alikum pak301 midterm paper.

-Briefly explain The Muhammadan Anglo Oriental (MAO) College in Aligarh. 2 point

-Highlight the partition process of Punjab in two points. 2 point

-Draw attention towards the Jallianwala Bagh incident (1919). 3 point

-Write any three significant points of the Civil Disobedience Movement launched by the Muslims in 1946. 3point

-Who used the word Two Nations for the Hindus and the Muslims first time and why? 5 point

-How the provinces of Punjab and Bengal were divided in 1947?  5 point

20 mcq thay......

-india mein dynasty kis nay shuru ki

-dairchy kis constitution say shuru hoi

-education movement kon sa tha

-jalliawala bagh ka badla kis nay liya

-kashmir pay troops nay kab kabza kiya

-direct action day kab tha

-cripps mission kab aya

-gandhi jinnha talk kyun hoi thi

-punjab mein 1946 mein kis nay gov banai

-NWFP mein 1946 mein kis nay gov banai(party name)

-alama iqbal india kab wapas aay europe say

-NWFP pay 1946 mein kon cm bana

baki yad nahi hain.....janan dates batani hain wahan month bhi zaroor yaad karnay ki koshish karain......


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