Question: How do see the role of media in creating awerace about social issues among the masses of Pakistan?

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Idea Answer:

Media is playing great rule in every plays important role in setting agendas for Public.we all ara bombardad with so much information all the day.electornic media ,social media and print media ar some common types of media.print media is oldest in this history. ROLE OF MEDIA IN PAKISTAN! IN pakistan media is playing freely.but role of media is getting quite there so many talk sohws or program and the political debates all the time an dsome time the semes to be cross there should works there limits and about some rules and regulations.beside spreading exeggeration pakistani media should resolve many issues in positive reflects the society and it is the responsibility to expose the country to whole world in a positive way.role of media in pakistan can not be neglected Role of socia media! Social media become a integral part of life online as social web sities and application bussines social media is used to publish there product to market. Most of social media includes comments section to there users.


We all know there is pros of social media i.e people connect each other , sharing infomation , shortennd the distance and time barriers etc.

But when it has positiveness it also had some cons; many people who using this platform dont know how use it? 

As far role in society , social media play a vital role.

Issues like : water lacking , child abusing , political awareness, etc. These are those issues in which social media playing a role for creating awareness among people.

JazakALLAH Khair for sharing :)


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