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thanks for sharing..

JazakaAllah :) 

Today Midterm 

MTH101 Mid paper
Mostly MCQs was from Past Papers Per Option ka order change tha :P
there was 20 mcqs and 6 question ANswers..
Find dy/dx f(x)=cos^2x^3 by using chain rule. (5 marks)
aik 2 marks ka b question tha dy/dx find krny wala per us main tha find dy/dx at (0,1) and question ki equation yad nhi :(
Find the coordinates of center and equation of circle of the following equation
4x^2+8x+4y^2+24y-8=0 (5 marks)
find the instan Velocity of an object traveled ditsance s=......kuch tha yad nhi which was=t^2 and t0(t not) =2sec. (3 marks)
baqi yad koi ni...... per derivative k 3 question the 2,3, or 5 marks k...

I need mth101 current papers..!
If anyone have attempted then please share your paper

mth 101 1st question tha quardatic equation laga k question solve krna tha 2 find the tanget of line 3 derivation find kra wala 4 centerr and radius find krna tha baki b derivation wala mn sy e thy prove krna tha mcqz mid or last sy thy




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