Suppose a bus travels with 6 stops, each stop after an interval of 15 miles. Suppose that the speeds at which the bus travels these 6 intervals are 30, 35, 40, 45, 50 and 55 miles per hours respectively.

Calculate the harmonic mean for the given data.


  • The purpose of this GDB is to assess your knowledge and computational skills.
  • Produce you own work. Copying the text from any other student or from any website is strictly prohibited. You will get zero marks in this case.
  • You can write the mathematical equations/symbols in Math Type software and paste it in GDB. For the procedure click here  and you can also follow this Tutorial.
  • Last date of this GDB is Feb 15, 2017 .There will not any relaxation after due date. You have ample days to complete this task. Submit your answers at the earliest to avoid losing your marks.

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idea will be uploaded soon inshaALLAH

thnku :)

i will try to solve this Question ..........

Easy question ....


File attached best of luck




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