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Mcqs mostly last chapters ma sy thy 35 to 45 sy

r questions jo practice k liye LMS m downloads ma diye hty hen or jo upload hty hen un ma sy aye thy mostly

paper easy tha last chapters dehan sy kr len or jo LMS m downloads ma practice questions diye hty hen unki practice kr len paper acha hoga inshaALLAH

MTH 100

pythagorean identities........... 3 marks

trignomatric identities....2 marks

find exact value of 210....5 marks

find 25th percentile....2 marks

find slope perpendicular, parallel of 2x+3y=21 and 3x-2y=18 ..... 3 marks

find frequency if frequency density is=0.6 and class width is 12.....3 marks

find percentile of 25th.... 3 marks

Find standard deviation of 35,42,47,29,41,45,52,37,59,62,27...5 marks


120 min paper time (40 MCQs , Short & Long Question 12) 

40 MCQs from chapter set + matrices + trigonometric + last chapters 35 to 45

Question short and long total 12 

Find Slope (2.1),(3,1)

Find Quartile equeation

Find Arithmetic mean

Find standard deviation

1+tan0 / 1+cot0 = tan0 

sin1/2 so sinarc -180<0<180 find all sin value


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