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thnxx dear....Allah bless u.............

 ₭ḁἶὫᾂ₮ thankx for sharing 

JazakaAllah dear,,)

good job..keep it up...

aoa..I appeared at 1600 hrs today.

to me it was a balanced paper with less than 25 % from pre-midterm syllabus.

nothing complex came from echlon/reduced echlon form, function notation..even cramers rule didnt come..

I literally studied for last 3 days and i m certain about doing 85-90 percent correct.

thankx for sharing  Azeem 

Final Term paper.
Q1. Write Pythagorean identity (2) marks
Q2. Find the value of cos(75) by
trigonometric table. 5 marks
Q3.Find DetA .. 2 marks
Q5. Find the standard deviation
36,45,14,18,20,24,28,33,47,55,51.. 5 marks
Q6. and Do these lines intersect? If they do,
find the point of intersection. 3 marks
Q7 Find the slop of the (4,6)(2,1)

Mth 100 timing 8:30
Q)given the sequence 1500,3000,5400.... find 5th tem.
Q)sin2A=2Sin Acos A
Q)If multiple of 4 is set of A and B is set of 2 multiples then set A is subset of B or B is subset of A???
Q)Frequency density find out if width is 5 and frequency is 23
Q)geomatric sequence find out 
Mostly Questions from the end course...
40 mcqz...

mid term portion say sequence and series and permutation and final term say geometry say slop and equation find kerni point slop form formula. trignometry say exact value of angle, and double angle say. stat say sirif five number summary, sequence and series say mcq be thay and state say or matrix and trignometry say mcqs thay.

thnxx cute fr sharing....its may be hlpfull fr us....


JazakaAllah Samra Dear..:)


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