Have you ever found yourself feeling fatigued, bloated or just unable to control your appetite? Or maybe you’ve been struggling with health issues, chronic or mysterious, that just would not resolve? You know what I have been there!
Some years ago, I was diagnosed with carpel tunnel syndrome. My wrist was very painful, I had numbness which kept me up at night. I had to wear a wrist splint, especially at night. After receiving my second steroid shot in the wrist, I decided that I would not return to have the third. I heard how juicing fruits and vegetables flood the body with nutrients that empowers your body to heal and I decided to give it a try. Another time juicing came to my rescue was when I needed to loose weight. My ideal weight is 140 lbs, but sometimes I have found the needle on the scale brushing over my ideal. So I put myself on a juicing
program to see what would happen.

The results?

1. I could think more clearly

2. I lost a lot of weight – about a pound a day

3. I found myself full of energy

4. I was more consistently positive and cheerful, no matter what come my way

5. I would wake up feeling sharp and well rested, even if I had less sleep

6. The juices flooded my body with so much nutrients, I rarely felt hungry

7. I also noticed a heightened sense of taste and smell

8. My skin started to glow, my hair and nails grew faster. People started to comment on how much younger I looked for my age

9. My immune function was at its peak, and I didn’t catch a single cold or get sick

10. The discipline of juicing gave me greater control over my appetite and boosted my will power in general.

So do you think it’s worth a try? Here is a recipe to start you out. If you want more, check back as I’ll be posting more in the next few weeks.

Fat Burner Juice

6 carrots
handful of kale or other green leafy vegetables
1 lemon

Wash the above ingredients thoroughly and cut into small pieces that can be fitted into your juicer. Put the leaves in first, the carrots and lemon will help to push the leaves through the juicer. Drink your juice right away for maximum potency or store into a glass jar with an airtight lid to conserve its nutrients for up to 24 hours.

Now that you are juicing so many fruits and vegetables, you may want to know the best way to clean them. Organically grown produce is always the best, but organic or not (as your budget allows) this is a fruit and vegetable wash to take away all the nasties from your juice.

Michelle’s Fruit and Vegetable Wash

½ cup vinegar
1 Tbsp salt
1 Tbsp lemon (optional)

Fill a clean sink or basin with water. Add vinegar and salt. Soak fruits and vegetables for 30 minutes then rinse.

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