ENG 201 GDB Solution required please.

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ENG201 GDB IDEA solution

don't copy paste take idea and make your own solution Thanks

Being in our professional, academic or extra-curricular life, we all wish to have better opportunities around us to excel. Opportunities are not something that just happen. They are not something that will be offered to you on a golden tray. Opportunities are created and you create them. Opportunity can be as small as scoring 99 in next English test to as big as becoming the CEO of some company. Every time we are in a situation where we have a goal. And to achieve it we should write down every possible factor and then strive to create them. Opportunity is an appropriate time that comes in the life of everyone only once. It is up to you how to make best use of the opportunity. You must have hope and will power in order to create an opportunity. Find the confidence within yourself and showcase it be your own advocate and be your own champion. It just takes a little bit of courage to succeed in life. So, raise your hand and take the risk because you don’t have much to lose. Once you see the opportunity, seize it. Because once an opportunity has passed, it cannot be caught.

Your life depends on you. Try to go outside your comfort zone and you will find a lot of interesting and new opportunities. Every time when you meet new people, you have more chances to have new opportunities to have a more interesting and creative life. Create your future, don’t waste good opportunities, enjoy your life.You and just you is responsible for your life. Nothing will change in your life if you are not working for it. Create your life happy and interesting.
''Success is not final; failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts''.
In life, the most important is to keep moving. Some days will be great and successful, and some will be harder, just enjoy and celebrate your good days and keep moving on your hard days. Never give up if something is not going as you planned. Maybe that particular situation and hard time will bring you more success and enjoyment than you thought before. Fear stops us from achieving our dreams. Believe me, if you have it in your dreams, so you are able to have it in your life. Work for it, find different ways to achieve it. Don’t be scared, don’t give up.

(Its a sample Idea)

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