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Edu 510
Final term

1. What is inductive reasoning? 2

2. Defination of education according to robert frost. 2

3. Define oral method. 2

4. What is project and problem method? 2

5. What is arothmatic? 2

6. Differenciate b/w inductive method and deductive method? 3

7. Moral role of mathematics for children. 3

8. How oral method effective as teaching technique to know prior knowledge of the students? 3

9. Merits and demerits of inductive method. 3

10 role of education in our life. 5

11. How aids like geometrical instruments, blackboard and lab etc important in teaching of mathematics? 5

12. Functions of effective drill method. 5

13. Suggest 5 topics for project method regarding mathematics. 5

14. Importance of mathematics in curriculum. 5

mazeed koi past pprs hain?



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