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share your current mid papers here

Mid term paper 29 May 2016!

shared by other student!

Totally Mcqs from past papers :D :P 
1-Think in your own words to learn?
2-Explain Schema yours own words?
3-Situated cognitive theory?
4-Enlist five levels of Maslow need theory?
5- Situated learning?
6-Remembering process of learning?
7- Learning style Summarize ?
8-Name three components of Knowledge in situated cognitive theory?

Q. Define safety and affiliation need with example.

Q2. scientific Process?

Q3. problem with schema?

Q.learning through perception?

Q. define Dewey's Rule?

Q. reason why we fail to transfer knowledge

Q. concept of Culture 

Q. information process mode?

Thanks for Sharing Mahek sis

plz upload the objectives also


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