SIT (Step-in Security)

There is an organization which has more than five hundred staff. The organization has a colony for staff accommodation. The organization provides all facilities including security to the residents of the colony. Strict rules are being followed to provide maximum security to the residents. Nobody is allowed to enter or exit the colony without intimating the security staff.


Security staff issues ID cards to Staff and their family members. Security staff keeps record about entrance or exist of employees and their family members from the colony.


A proper record of guests who wants to visit any resident of the colony is maintained. Guest shows NIC (National Identify Card) to the security staff who note down guest’s credentials from CNIC and issue visitor pass to the guest after keeping his/her CNIC which will be returned when guest leave the colony. If the guest has any vehicle then its number will also be recorded. The names of those who are accompanying the guest are also being recorded. Guests are not allowed for night stay in the colony until permission is obtained from the Security Officer. A written application having a duration for which that guest will stay in the colony is given to the Security Officer who approves the application and mark to the security staff for issuance of Visitor’s pass for this duration to the guest. Each guest will return the visitor pass at the time of leaving the colony and collect CNIC from security staff.


There are separate schools for girls and boys. Children from outside the colony also come to study in those schools. Entry/exit record of children and school staff is maintained on daily basis.


Official vehicles of the organization are also be parked in the colony. Proper entry/exit record of those vehicles along with the driver info is being maintained.


I mentioned a manual system which the security staff has adopted for record keeping. You are required to develop a client server application to automate this manual process.


Note: During issuance of visitor pass process, if CNIC data is already in the system then that data should be populated automatically to reduce the data entry.




  1. Daily Visitor Report with a provision for particular duration
  2. Guest Report Employee Wise
  3. Report of a Guest to whom he/she has visited
  4. Visitors who did not returned their Visitor Pass
  5. Visitor who did not obtained night stay permission
  6. Employee List
  7. School Staff List
  8. Student List
  9. Daily Report of the school
  10. Vehicle Daily Entry/Exit report with a provision for a particular duration

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