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ABC Company is going to develop “Doctor-Patient Management System (DPMS)” for their client. DPMS helps doctors to manage their work and provide facility to the patients to book appointments and view their medical progress. DPMS allows doctor to enter and manage their time slots online, enter, view and maintain patient record. System allows patient to search a doctor, book empty slots online and those slots are reserved in their name.  Each time a user visits a doctor his/her medical entry is stored in the database by doctor. Next time when a user logs in he may view his/her entire medical history as and when needed. At the same time a doctor may view patient’s medical history even before the patient visits him.


Considering the above scenario

Q# 01: (Marks: 10

What is a triple constraint? By considering the above scenario, if the project needs to be developed within the given time frame, then how you will manage these constraints?

Q# 02: (
Marks: 10)

What is a scope baseline? Also write scope baseline for the above scenario.


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triple constraint :In managing competing project requirements Project managers often talk of a triple constraint:
– Project scope
– Time and
– Cost
Project Scope: DPMS helps doctors to manage their work and provide facility to the patients to book appointments and view their medical progress.

Question # 1: Solution

1) Reports, references and usable components gathering has been closed as website is completed
Project Closedown
2) Requirements & scope of the project has been set out and finally resources have also been allocated to create a website.
Project Initiation

3) To design website different plans such as implementation, training, support and user acceptance all are carried out.
Project Implementation
4) To maintain the standard of the website detailed project plan and its mechanism is planned out
Project Planning, Control and T




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