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Today my paper was cs504 

1 Mcq from past 

Rest from handout and general knowledge 

1 question 3 marks was relating to software crisis 3 cheezai batani thi 

Eik or 3 marks ka Tha do entity di thi in ka attributes 3 likhnai thai 

5 number kai teen sawal thai phela sawal 

Uses requirement par tha Sahe sai yaad Nahe 

Eik dfd par aya Tha 5 mark ka or last wala us mai tangible transactions or actor wagera paragraph sai nikalna Tha

Paper 1:

19 Mcqs thay kuch past papers se bhi thay baki handouts sey aue thay 2 questions short thay 3 marks k aur

3 questions long thay 5 marks k.

Few Questions i remember are:
1. Difference b/w use case diagram and activity diagram. (5 marks)
2. Difference b/w secquence diagram and collaboration diagram. (5 marks)
3. Discuss the purpose of CRUD operations. (5 marks)

There were 2 more questions of 3 marks but i don’t remember.

Paper 2:

Total Question 26, 20 mcqs, 3 short and 2 long questions.

   50% questions and mcqs were from chap # 11,12, 20 to 22, DFD.

   50% question was base on benefits of software in real lives.


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