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The software architecture discipline is centered on the idea of reducing complexity through abstraction and separation of concerns. Software architecture contains different views including user view, developer view, tester view, owner view and concurrency view etc. Each view contains different subsystems and their respective interaction through a well-defined interface. Designing of each view requires time, cost and resources. What do you think which “View” is important to design if  product owner don’t focuses much on non-functional requirements to build up. Justify your point of view with solid points.

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Correct Idea Sol

Large number of partners: Software frameworks need to oblige an assortment of partners, for example, business supervisors, proprietors, clients, and administrators. These partners all have their own particular worries as for the framework.

Partition of concerns: The set-up route for modelers to lessen multifaceted nature is to isolate the worries that drive the outline.

Quality-driven: Stakeholder concerns regularly convert into prerequisites on these quality properties, which are differently called non-utilitarian necessities, additional practical prerequisites, social necessities, or quality characteristic necessities. Repeating styles: Building engineering, the product design train has created standard approaches to address repeating concerns.

Reasonable trustworthiness: A term presented by Fred Brooks in The Mythical Man-Month to signify the design of a product framework speaks to a general vision of what it ought to do and how it ought to do it.

Intellectual imperatives: A perception initially made in a 1967 paper by PC developer Melvin Conway those associations which outline frameworks are obliged to create plans which are duplicates of the correspondence structures of these associations.

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another Idea

Multitude of stakeholders: Software systems have to cater to a variety of stakeholders such as business managers, owners, users, and operators. These stakeholders all have their own concerns with respect to the system.

Separation of concerns: The established way for architects to reduce complexity is to separate the concerns that drive the design.

Quality-driven: Stakeholder concerns often translate into requirements on these quality attributes, which are variously called non-functional requirements, extra-functional requirements, behavioral requirements, or quality attribute requirements.

Recurring styles: Building architecture, the software architecture discipline has developed standard ways to address recurring concerns.

Conceptual integrity: A term introduced by Fred Brooks in The Mythical Man-Month to denote the idea that the architecture of a software system represents an overall vision of what it should do and how it should do it.

Cognitive constraints: An observation first made in a 1967 paper by computer programmer Melvin Conway those organizations which design systems are constrained to produce designs which are copies of the communication structures of these organizations.


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