Done CS504 ...
.MCQs ..almost from Past paper..
1. Write any 3 Component of Software Engineering Framework.
2. Discuss about the Objects:
* Radio
* Cat

Last 3 questions from lecture 19 to 22 about Architecture.

Total 18 mcqs .. 50% from past papers ..
Subjective ...
Q1.. Give there options Choose one notation of Sequence diagram .. (3 marks)
Q2.. Define Software architecture (3 marks)
Q3.. Desribe coupling .. And explain how it will decrese ?? ( 5 marks)
Q4.. List of major managment activites .. (5 marks)

Q5.. This question is about relationship and inheritance .. (5 marks )

MCQ,S srf 7..8 moaz files se aye thy.. baqi sb book m se.. Q1:
How good -engineered sofrware is better than bad-engineered software?..3marks.
Q2: CRUDE operation . 5 markS Q3;:resons of levels of DFD.......5 marks
Q4: IK scenerio dya gyay tha us m se actor , participants, transactions,tangible things.,
place allg karny thy.......5 marks Q5: ik scenerio tha us m se object seprete karny thy...
u can also use any technnique to
represent objects......3 marks subjctive portion was easy ... best of luck..

All Mcqs from handouts
Total Questions
18 Mcq's and 5 subjective questions 3 to 5 marks
Difference between use case diagram and use case 3 marks
Define the attribute of this
Book. 3 marks
If we works in software house we have a problems that's why we can't compete our project . Decribe which type of problem we have 5 marks
Decribe what is object 5 marks
CSTT we have a cinema in this we watched the movie . One person come in and select movie which they like and then see the seat which is available and then see the timing . Then paid through credit card. In this transaction, tangible things, participant . Used at least one thing 5 marks

Duaon mai yad rkehye ga...............!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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