Assignment No.2
Semester Spring 2017
CS504 - Software Engineering-I
Total Marks: 20
Due Date: 18/05/2017
· To learn and understand the basic concepts of Requirement Engineering and
Software Design covering First 15 lectures
· To practice Data Flow Diagram
Please read the following instructions carefully before solving & submitting assignment:
Assignment should be in your own wordings not copied from net, handouts or books.
It should be clear that your assignment will not get any credit (zero marks) if:
o The assignment is submitted after due date.
o The submitted assignment does not open or file corrupt.
o The assignment is copied (from other student or copy from handouts or internet).
For any query about the assignment, please communicate at
You are advised to please upload the assignment in MS Word format only (other formats i.e.
.pdf, images etc. will not be accepted.).
Suppose you are working as Requirement Engineer in a renowned software house. You have been given a task
to model requirements for a software project for ABC taxi service.
ABC taxi is a riding online mobile application for fast and reliable rides. Customer log in to the system. System
first checks your location and show nearby taxi(s). System keeps track of all its customers, drivers and vehicle’s
information. When customer books any vehicle, he receives driver and vehicle information along with estimated
arrival time. System also conveys customer information to the driver. After the ride, fare is calculated by system.
Driver receives the payment and marks the ride as paid. System will prompt for service rating or any complaint
to customer. Customers fill-up the review/complaint form and submit to the system. A Manager can check
system for complaints and generate reports.
1. You are required to draw Level 1 DFD. 15 Marks
2. Identify all the classes/objects in this problem statement. 5 Marks

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sol da do plzzzzz

i need also solution of cs504 please discuss it due date is 18 may 2017



Thanku samra sister

idea attachment 

Kindly let me know if some the wrong?

for diagram.... u have to mention different process that is hidden inside the system likee tracking system , manager 

idea sol


Sorry for above word file wrongly added but see the youtube link for the same


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