Assignment No. 03




Semester Spring 2014

Total Marks: 20






Software Engineering I – CS504

Due Date: 08-07-2014














The objective of this assignment is:



  • To increase your level of understanding about UML Modeling and how to identify objects, attributes, Operations and their relationship.


  • To help you understand how to develop UML Object Model by using UML notations.







Please read the following instructions carefully before assignment submission.


It should be clear that your assignment will not get any credit if:


  • The assignment is submitted after due date.


  • The submitted assignment does not open or file is corrupt.


  • The assignment is plagiarized.










  • The assignment should be in “.doc” format. Assignment in any format other than MS Word format will not be accepted.


  • Assignment submitted through email will not be accepted.


  • This assignment is covering UML Object Model Notations Lectures 13-25.


  • Recall the lectures delivered for UML and Object Model Notations to solve your assignment







For any query about the Assignment contact with your Section In charge whose email address is given in Course Announcement Page.




Project Description:


“National Hospital” is a famous hospital which is currently ha ving manual system for all Records Management. Now Management decided to automate processes. They need a system for managing all records. Main functionalities of “Hospital Record Management System” are given below. For automated system areas of consideration are “Patient Record Management” and “Appointment /Checkup Record”.


  • Ø   Different doctors offer private consultancy in evening. For checkup, a visitor will call Receptionist or may visit hospital for appointment.


  • Ø   Visitor may query Doctor’s general information including timings. Receptionist will check doctor database/information and will inform him/her.


  • Ø   In case of appointment request, Receptionist will create Patient profile (if new patient). Otherwise will update his/her existing record for new appointment details.


  • Ø  On scheduled day, Patient will visit doctor. Doctor’s assistant will check appointment details and will record patient’s history and other readings (including weight info, BP, symptoms details) and will forward to doctor.


  • Ø  Doctor will check updated information. After doing checkup, doctor will write a prescription. Accordingly he will make an entry of Prescription including medicines information and recommended tests.


The system generates billing reports like Hospital Service Charges, Test Charges etc. Main intention of this system is to keep record of all data of Doctors, Staff, Patient and Blood Bank and generate different reports. This will helps in managing Hospital activities in an easy, proper and efficient way.


By Considering the above scenario you are required to Draw Object Model for “Hospital Record Management System”. UML Object Model should be comprehensive and must contain:



All possible objects




Possible attributes for each object




Operations of each object




Relationships among different objects for example Inheritance, Aggregation, composition,




Association etc.

Marks   5


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