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·         To improve the learning ability of students.

·         To hands on experience of use case diagram.




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Question                                                                                                                                  Marks 20    


Geo News mobile App:

GEO News Mobile Application offers its normal users to read/listen news about sports, entertainment, business, politics, and education etc. Geo News mobile application is accessible in urban and remote areas using internet services. A  Member user can listen/read local news by enabling GPS service. Few additional services can also access by Member user including commenting on current affairs and managing his/her profile. A member user will register him/her using credentials on said mobile application. A member user can also be an analyst, reporter or an employee of institution. There is another stakeholder; Admin of this mobile application will work differently. The admin will monitor and delete fake or irrelevant news entered by member user and enter latest news. There are also full time hired reporters by news channel, which register by admin.

Q No 1:                                                                                                                                 (10)

a)      Draw use case diagram by reading the given scenario of Geo News Application by using MS Visio software.

b)      Also mention Includes, Extends and hierarchy between each use case.


Q No 2:                                                                                                                                    (10)

The URL address of GEO news application is given below.

Read the giving scenario or visit the GEO news application by opening given link and after understanding the application fill up the table given below.


Identify Functional Requirement of Public News Application which you think are important and is in visited application but not defined in given scenario.

Identify Non-Functional Requirement of Public News Application which you think are important and is in visited application but not defined in given scenario.

Reason of choosing these functional or non-functional requirements.











Use MS Visio for draw use case diagram.









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