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Suppose a new bank “XYZ” is to be launched very near in future. You have been hired as a programmer in this bank and you have to develop an application with following features:

  • The application must be secure
  • For transactions, proper interfaces will be provided to the customer
  • The application must be reusable
  • The application must be efficient in terms of speed and memory usage

You can use either structure or class in order to achieve the above features. So which programming construct (structure or class) will you select for the application development? Justify your answer with proper reasons.

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Idea Sol

Comparison between Structure and Class:

  • Structure and class are user defied data types
  • By default structure is a public where as class is private
  • Class implements the principal of encapsulation
  • Objects of a class are created on the heap memory
  • Class is used for re usability where as structure is used for grouping the data in the same structure
  • Structure data members cannot be initialized directly but they can be assigned by the outside the structure
  • Class data members can be initialized directly by the parameter less constructor and assigned by the parameterized constructor.

ya jo ap ny idea dea h ya same to same likh skty hn gdb solution m??? ya jo codings hn yaha group m wo b ese k anwser h???

I think no need for coding

Bhai g is gdb mein class or structure ka pucha hai to hm ny kici aik k bary mein likhein gy yaaa dono. Ap ny jo idea dia hoa hai us mein to difference batayia hoa hai ap ny

Correct Idea Sol (watch video)


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