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Bio202 Paper 

Galactosylceramide, amide group of asparagine, Rate limiting Step in Folding process, essential Amino Acid, Sterols , cGMA , Leukotrines, Lipoxins. aur baki kuch Q uploaded ppr me se the. enzymes,purine and pyramidne,cAmp properties,properties of nitrogenios bases,composition of nucleotides and function,how proline destabilize nucleotide,condensation reaction,functio of proxin etc.

primary structure of DNA .formation of l fructose and l rhananose.exp the no of carbon and nitrogen atom in nitrogenous base. Describe the function of deoxy d ribose from dribose.Exp the nucleotide ad intermediate and the co enzyme . and two signaling mole of nucleotide .....enjoy learning frndz

Formation of l fructose and l rhamanose

2nd march 

Native protein

Secondary n tertiry structure

Functions and synthesis of


N glycosidic bond

Digestive protein

interaction of DNA

Purines n pyramdine



BIO202 Paper

Ye mid term k ya final?

for both sis

Its of mid term?

for both


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