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Do external or internal or environment can alter the DNA base Composition or not?

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environmental factors...nahe kah saktay hum ..but normal environmental conditions kah saktay hain us main DNA bases change nahe hoti .. because it may change its structure under high temperature or under electromagnetic radiations or ye bhi to unky environment main hi consider hon ge.


base composition of dna does not change except the minor and limited change due to somatic mutation which occurs due to for example ultraviolet light absorbance by the DNA.. but normally base composition does not change due to any factor like age, nutrition and environmental factors...
Reference. BIO202 Lecture No. 177


DNA base composition can be occur externaly or internally as if there is any mutation due to Deletion, Instertion or sabstitution there will be mutation and it may cause DNA composition alternation,


The base composition does not change with age, nutritional status and environment. It is true for one species or an individual in life but if we look on evolution it gets changes and failure of or bypass of DNA repair system works behind it.
Yes, DNA
base composition get changes with internal and external conditions (parameters like temperature, pH, stress etc.). After changes DNA repairs system start working and if changes are for adaptation against or in favor of stress it may become permanent (known as mutation). Permanent changes may transfer from one generation to the next generation. The phenotype of these changes also appear in generations. It is hereditary-cal if present in both mating male and female.

The disease that caused due to the changing in DNA bases composition are following;
1) Genetic mutation in cancer.
2) Gene sequence hereditary disorders.
3) Gene translocations porphyria.
4) Virus Microcephaly.
5) Genetic encoding inutero foetal defects.

wht will be the negative points


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