Training and Development (HRM617) Closing Date Tuesday, December 04, 2018 GDB Solution

Im trying to help all student in their subject but please 1st see the solution if you feel its right then note it down other wise you can ignore because its my own thinking according to the book theory.Im nt responsible if it gives you less marks.But according to me its right.Thanks

No training does nt bother older workers as it has following main reasons:

1 The 55 year and older segment of work force is expected to grow by approx 47 % between 2006-2016 more than five times the 8.5 percent growth projected for the entire work force.

2. Their labor force participation is expected to grow because older individuals are leading healthier and longer lives in the past, providing them the opportunities to work for more years.

3.In addition the high cost of health insurance and decrease in health insurance benefits will cause many employees to keep working to maintain their employer based insurance or will prompt them to return to work after retirement to obtain health insurance through the employer.

4.The trend towards pension plans based on individuals contributions to them rather than years of service will provide yet another incentive for older employees to continue working.

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