There is decline in mental ability make them dependant. They no longer have trust in their own ability and judgment. Due to weak regularity mechanism, changes in nervous system they have less ability to cope the difficulties. In prognosis they feel fear, depression, isolation, non-productivity and boredom so we fail to get better result
For example
1. Older are more likely to have serious side effects from chemotherapy.
2. Some research evidence show that the old people can’t concentrate on a test and their prognosis for as long as young person can do.
3. Old people may experience weakened memory especially short term memory. In case of certain disease like Alzheimer’s the loss may be sever.
4. Old people can’t perform as good as a young person on I.Q test because they have less intelligent. All these also seen in our culture. In our culture prognosis for older is poor because they are unable to cope the problems at this age.

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