Pak 302

Date 21-june-2019

Total question 26

20 MCQs and 4short question and 2 long question .


  1. Historical foundation of Pakistan was studies by ......five stages
  2. In which constitution the principal of separate Elector was integrated
  3. When Shah Walliullah died
  4. What is pre requisite to become a leader
  5. Who presided over the annual session of All India Muslim league held at Allahabad
  6. Who head the Cabinet mission
  7. When did Jinnah left India for the last time
  8. When did the protegees enter in subcontinent
  9. Partation of Bengal held
  10. Which document left the desired of India Muslim community
  11. Who awarded Agha Khan for His Highness and prince
  12. Who lead Simla dispute
  13. Sir Syed Ahmed khan best achivement in 1877
  14. Sir Syed Ahmed khan wrote magzine for Muslim to teach them adicates


Define Authoritarian leadership?

How do you see the importance of ideology in our nation?

Write two different definition of leadership?

What do you know about first world war?

Shortly describe at least one example of Quite , Transformation , Chairsmatic  leadership?

Describe the efforts of Sir Syed Ahmed khan to the teach the Muslim society of the subcontinent?


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