Mostly mcq,s were from moaz and waqar file .....5,6 were new (from book).

1) attribute of observer pattern? 5 marks

2) general naming convention for user data  type ....3 marks..

3)coverage scheme of white box tasting.....3 marks..

4)what are the two types of error in memory over-run?

5)What are the non-reproduceable bugs? xplan with xple?

6)exception  increase the code complexity.explan wid xple?

7)one senerio was taken was  from my previous mid paper (same statement ).

in which seperate the actor, participants,place .tangible things,transcation.....

8)one questn frm frame work ...could not understand..

9) some statements were given from them recongnize the cryptic code statements...


 best of luck 

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