I do not remember the exact questions of the exam but

there were total 26 questions    20 MCQS and 6 subjective

the MCQS were 50%  about truth table   questions like
which of following is tatuology and ~(p^q)Vq equals what , and 2 questions  were  converting statements to symbolic form 
and 3-4 questions about implication  and what is converse , inverse that sort of stuff

other then that

There was a strange question which I couldn't solve at the time was

Q: Which one is true

1) 35=1(mod5)

2) 36=1(mod10)

a:First is equivalent

b:second is equivalent

c:both are equivalent

in Long

2 questions were related to making truth table  one simple and one of implication and converse

1 proving if a function is 1-to-1 and onto

2 from sequence and series  , one was able finding sum and one of finding nth position

Thats all I remember :)

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