Dear Fellows, 

     m just sharing all the data which i collected various places from all over the net. its very limited. so u will have to prepare it by urself. 

Best Wishes,Best Luck.!!

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past Papers

1. Spokesperson credibility on message
2. Diffusion process of electronic dish washer
3. freedom of decision making to youngsters in Pakistan for buying of products of their own choice
4. impact of smell of food/shop on purchase behavior
5. Why advertisers use only music and images for ads
6. how to change negative attitude of people of rural areas about polio vaccination
7. why new generation is not that much socially movable as compared to the forefathers
8. why cellular phones are more popular than pager (wireless device)
9. culture
10. impact of internet on consumer behavior
11. attribution theory

compare opinion leader and Marven...
social mobility ....define
ek question segment se related ta...
glocal strategy...
social class

Thanks Emaan I really in a desperate need of such material of MKT 530. Again thanks and warm regards.

Ilyas Ali Khan

Welcome Sir..!


plz upload more material

need mid term papers.... anyone has ?

need mkt530 mid papers mra parso paper ha


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