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MGT 301

Answer 1

(B)Brand Positioning

Answer no 2

To Create a Brand Positioning

There are four essential elements to make an appropriate positioning statement:

  1. Trap customers: in the initial stage the brand should consider the ways of trapping customers to achieve this target, it is crucial for the brand to make acknowledgement of customer’s interest, needs and requirements by making a full time analyses of their social and individual behaviors.
  2. Market Definition: now it’s time to consider that in which category your brand is competing and dealing with your customers.
  3. Brand Promise: What is the most persuasive (emotional/rational) advantages a customer can avail by your target, and how these can make you prominent from all other rivals of yours.
  4. Reason to Believe: What is the most convincing substantiation or proof that your brand delivers on its brand promise?

After considering all the steps know you can draw you positioning statement;

  • To [trap customers], [company name] is the only [reason to believe].
  • In order to create a position strategy, you must determine the unity and promulgation of your brand in competition with other brands in the market.
  • Determine the current position of your brand which is prevailing in the market at present.
  • Make acknowledgement of your direct and face to face rivals.
  • Analyze the brand position of your competitors.
  • Test the efficiency and authenticity of your brand positioning statement.

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