MCM401 Fundamentals of Public Relations

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March 01 to March 12, 2014

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Current Papers:


Paper 01:

some question of my paper:

why write a letter to the editor?

difference between image and reputation?

about PR professional's conduct towards practice?

about E-press release?

Robert Cialdini 5 elements?


Paper 02:

typography pe note?
what do u know about pack press?
why pr consultant is necessary in marketing?
solving prblm me pPRO ke tackling k bary me tah something :P
Formal search pe note ?


Paper 03:

Huge audiences, good product identification, popular medium are
advantages of which communication channel?

TV // pg 72

The first P of 4 P's to PR role in marketing stands for ------------------

o Product //pg 46
o Place
o Price
o Promotion

--------------- technique in propaganda links a person, or idea, to a negative symbol.

o Name-calling // pg 88
o Glittering generalities
o Transfer
o None of the given options

The reporter's name, usually at the beginning of a story is termed as

o Header
o Byline

o Start line
o Index


Paper 04:




5 Qs of 3 marks

1) Difference b/w libel and slander

2) What should be the conduct of PR professional towards PR PROFESSION?

3) Can PR be self taught?

4) What are the needs of today’s PR professional

5) Write 3 disadvantages of media transit posters.

5 Qs of 5 marks

1) Responsibilities of PR professional during PR campaign

2) Write about Lithography and flexography. Briefly

3) Why other departments use PR

4) How should PR people respond to propaganda against company or product?

5) What is PR consultancy firm? What is the role of stack holder in its working?


Paper 05:

Subjective part

  1. three points for preparing a good speech
  2. Two important sources of research
  3. Note on Typography 
  4. Advertising is an old method of promoting goods, ideas and services. Comment.
  5. Major Points for Preparing a Public Speech
  6. Action speaks louder than words. Comment.
  7. purpose of conducting Scholarly research & Commercial research. & dif b/w them.
  8. Note on Letterpress & Offset printing.
  9. PR role in  role in creating favorable image of any organization's / Importance of PR manager
  10. Importance of press release & key points of writing a good  press release

final quiz file..



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