Latest papers of 2013, of students..!

Paper # 01:

Today my Eng 201 paper

Q 1: Define “Document Accuracy”? 2

Q 2: For what purpose a breaker is used? 2

Q3: Do you think introduction is an important part of instruction?  2

Q 4: What your bigger weakness? What is your answer during the interview?  2

Q 5: how many kinds of sentences are there?  3

Q 6: How does instruction in a document shape the attitude of the reader? (3)

Q 7: why is Audience Analysis is important to write a good document?  (3)

Q 8: What is difference b/w tense and  aspect?   (3)

Q 9: what are the important points of writing “instruction “for any document?  (5)

Q 10: What are the general guide lines for” Capitalizing scientific Terms”?   (5)

Q 11 what are fused sentences?how can they be avoid ?  (5)

Q 12: what skill is necessary for effective oral communication?  (5)


Paper # 02:

My ENG201 Final Term Paper (Today; 11:00 am):

52 total questions, 40 MCQs + following 12 questions:

• What do you know about "Adjustment Request"? (2)

• What is a memorandum? (2)

• What is "Cause and effect"? (2)

• What are Acronyms? (2)

• What do you know about progress report? (3)

• Write the importance of organising the instructions. (3)

• Rewrite the following sentences so the modifier relates its word. (3)

• What are the functions of concretness. Write any Three. (3)

• How can we relate idea in oral communication? (5)

• Write down all conventional superstructure of progress reports. Also write about conclusion and recommendation. (5)

• How Editing improves our document. (5)

• What points should be kept in mind while editing for a Business message. (5)

* Marks in brackets


Paper # 03:


today paper Q

1)what is acronyms? (2)

2) explain passive voice and active voice in example?(2)

3) important of visual aids?(5)

4)what is comma syplice ?Explain with example? (5)

Paper # 04:


1) what are the basic purposes  of writing proposals.(2 marks)

2)define the term "orientation phase". (2 marks)

3) 4 sentences thay us may quotation marks laganay thy.(2 marks)

4) two starategies to get control over document length and scope. (2 marks)

5) what is hardware fuctional specifications? (3 marks)

6) what is meant by oral communication?(3 marks)

7) revising business message is important.explain (3 marks)

8) what is meant by "consciousness"? (3 marks)

9) what are the common ways of establishing credibility? (5 marks)

10) note on "customer services". (5 marks)

11) uses of "question marks". (5 marks)

12) keeping in mind the readers attitude while making visual aids.explain.(5 marks)

this was my paper. hope it will help u all.

best of luck for ur exams.


Paper # 05:


4 question of 2 marks

4 questions of 3 marks

4 question of 5 marks

jo yaad hain wo likh rahi hon .

define Visual aids?

elaborate restatment?

what do you undertsand by sexist term? 

what is mean by sexist language  5

write down  a paragparh development procces

what is importance of technolgy and collaboration in business messages 5

what is narration

how visual aids help to convey the business messages 

write down few functional specification 2

what is apostrophe 2

write down the elements of a paragraph 

Paper # 06:


Q.41: What is Memorandum? 2 marks.
Q.42: Write Down a few reasons to choose Visual Aids. 2 marks
Q.43: Make the following statement Concise 2 marks
1. Joe was an honest an honest and hard working man. Basically, he never gave
much consideration to sitting idly about, doing nothing constructive.
2. What is your basic understanding of predestination?
Q.44: Indicate whether sem. Are examples of comma splice? 2 marks
1. I love eating fruit; it is one of my favorite things.
a) Fine b) comma splice
2 I’ll never be able to buy a house prices these days are just ridiculous.
a) Fine b) comma splice
Q.45: Which step should be followed to listen effectively? 3 marks
Q.46: What steps are involved in making Routine Credit Requests? 3 marks
Q.47: Few usages “Line Graph” 3 marks
Q.48: How can we avoid common mistakes while constructing a paragraph? 3 marks
Q.49: Write a short paragraph on the topic of your choice using al least five transitional
markers. 5 marks…
Q.50: Explain “groups norms” 5 marks...
Q.51: Name five points of “Conventional Superstructure” for instruction. 5 marks...
Q.52: Explain the term paragraph with reference to visual aids. How can we transfer
information from it? 5 marks…


 Paper # 07:


Define the term Clause.

Define the term “Pagination”.

What is the difference between synopsis and an executive summary? 

What components include in the End Matter of a proposal?

Write down the steps involved in planning a ' Sales Letter'. 

Correct each sentence by omitting or changing one of the negatives. 
1. Ahmed never gets no credit for his jokes.
2. Jenny did not go nowhere for her vacation.
3. A small piece of pie won't do no harm to your diet.



Paper # 08:


difference b/w verb and linking verb?

difference b/w graphic visiula and text Vistula?

write 3 general rule for direct  Request ? 3

define the general structure of proposal?

write the skill of listener  better efficiency ?2

basic component of writing communication problem..?  3

type of letter..explain three type ?  5


Paper # 09:



ENG 201

Current Final term Paper

  1. Which steps are involved in planning Interviewa?                     5
  2. What are flow chart? How are they created?                                5
  3. Why are oral communication skills so important?                      5
  4. What are writing style problems?                                                 5
  5. Write any six examples of acronyms.                                           3
  6. What is the most common complaint against the “instructions”?       3
  7. Explain briefly the importance of emotion and logic while writing persuasive message.                                           3
  8. Provide the definition of ‘function list’ and ‘Cost’.                   2
  9. What is a Modifier?                        2

10. Define fundamental factors of written communication?

11. Define the term “Document Accuracy.                      2


Best of luck..................


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