Induction of 8th Batch in VU-Software House Lawrence Road, Lahore

Induction of 8th Batch in

VU-Software House

Lawrence Road, Lahore




VU intends to Bridge Industry-Academia Gap by equipping students with state of the art technology and engaging them to work toward Minimal Viable Product (MVP) under the supervision of Professionals from Industry. Students who are enrolled in Final Year Project will be given vigorous training through Workshops on in-demand cutting edge Technology primarily PHP / Laravel / Drupal /.Net / Android and iOS and Software Engineering (Requirement Engineering, Software Design and Architecture) related topics. Standard Project Management Practices including Sprint  and Retrospective sessions, Multiple vigorous Reviews of SRS and Design Artifacts; are followed to monitor student work on weekly basis and appropriate feedback is given accordingly.

This initiative will help students’ transition from Academic to Professional life in smooth way. After completion of Final Year Projects students are trained for Jobs but can also pursue career towards Entrepreneurship.



After successful completion of 8th -Batch of VU-Software House, this is to inform students who are interested in joining VU-Software House for Two-Semester to complete Final Year Project. An announcement is published on various forums. These forums are CS619-Announcement Page, LMS-Main Announcement Page, VU-WebSite, VU-Facebook page and a notice will be displayed on notice board of various Virtual Campuses.


Shortlist criteria

All the application received against the above mentioned announcement is shortlisted based on the eligibility criteria. Students who fulfill the criteria are called for interview.


Eligibility Criteria:

·        BSCS, BSIT, BS (Software Engineering) or MCS/M.Sc. in Computer Science students

·        Student should be in a 7th semester of Bachelor Degree or 3rd semester of Master Degree or eligible to enroll in CS619.

·        Effective CGPA is 2.75

·        At least B grade in Introduction to Programming, Database Management System, Object Oriented Programming, Data Structure, Analysis and Design of Algorithm

·        Student should have minimum number of courses along with final year project.

Call for interview

A call for interview to the shortlisted students will be sent on their email ids. Students are requested to use VU email address for communication.

Interview SOP

Each panel member grades the student individually by considering its various technical skills like:

·        Programming Concepts

·        OOP

·        DBMS

·        Data Structure

·        Analysis and Design of Algorithm

·        Software Engineering



Coding Session:

After this interview coding session will be conducted of 45 minutes. The purpose of this session is to analyze the students’ analytical, programming/coding skills.  

Average grade of interview and coding session will be considered for final selection of the students. A formal invitation will be sent to the selected students to join VU software house.


  • There will be no stipend during stay in Software House for two semester
  • Selected students will have to work from 9:00 AM to 9:00PM (5 Days a Week) in VU-Software House
  • This is not an Internship Opportunity.
  • After successful completion of Final Year Project, official letter of completion will be issue to Project Group Members.


Interested students should send an email at

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