Mr. Naeem Tariq, Rector Virtual University of Pakistan and Dr. Syed Salman Hassan, Deputy Director ORIC attended the Annual Meeting of Association of Management Development Institutions in Pakistan (AMDIP), held at Pearl Continental Hotel, Lahore on April 15, 2019. Due to efforts of ORIC, Virtual University of Pakistan is now a part of AMDIP and VU being a representative of distance education has been successfully included as a separate chapter in AMDIP.  The AMDIP was formed in 2001. It is a constituent of AMDISA which is a SAARC Recognized Body. AMDIP is a representative body of business schools, leading educationists and management development gurus of the country with a clear vision of management development in Pakistan. Currently, more than 30 leading business schools of Pakistan from all provinces are their members. The national secretariat of AMDIP is in Lahore.


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