did any1 know how to identify missing bits in B8Zs encoding bits streams??

if any1 know ; please let me know . just comment below..it'll be greatful of u

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B8ZS works in a similar way to AMI by changing poles for each binary 1. However, there is a problem with synchronisation being lost when there is a stream of binary 0s being sent. B8ZS attempts to tackle this problem by making artificial signal changes. These signals are known as violations and occur when eight consecutive 0s occur in the bit stream.

The violation signal that takes place is based on the polarity of the last binary 1 before the 8 0s and will match this polarity. Therefore, the receiving end looking for an alternate polarity to the binary 1 will discover the same polarity and will thus determine that there have been a string of 8 0s.



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