Guidelines to Get Good Marks in Mid-Term Examination(For New Students Specially)

Guidelines to Get Good Marks in Mid-Term Examination How You Should Prepare to Be Successful In Mid Term

Guidelines to get Good Marks in Mid Term Examination (For New Students Specially)

Dear Students As we all know that Mid Term Exams Fall 2014 is about to begin. Most of the students who have recently joined Virtual University have no idea about VU examination system (What type of paper they will have to attempt.. How they should prepare… How they should attempt their paper to get Maximum marks to be successful with flying colors…?
Here are some guidelines for Mid term Examination preparation.

In VU Exams are computer based. Mostly mistake that I have noticed is poor time management while attempting exam. More you take time to solve the paper, more there will be chances to left the paper incomplete.
So be quick in the start of your paper.

Mid term Paper is conducted from first 22 Lectures Multiple Choice questions are more than subjective part. In Exams Approximately 22 are MCQs and 5 are subjective Questions (2, 3 or 5 Marks each subjective question). Pattern of paper is different for different subjects but scheme is same (Objective + Subjective)

Most of the students do mistake that they only attempt Multiple choice questions and leave subjective questions unsolved. This thing results in deduction of marks. Never leave paper unsolved. Attempt each question and dont forget to save it. If you do not know the exact answer or definition of subjective (long) question then dont leave it Solve it according to your concept. (In VU exact definition is not necessary, only your concept clearance matters)

Try to go through all of 22 lectures. If you cant memorize all 22 lectures then atleast cast a glance on all the 22 Lectures and take the concept. First read the handout then read past (correctly solved with reference) solved papers files. Never use Solved MCQs files without reference. It can cause deduction in Marks.

Most of the students do mistake that if there is some error in Exam System software then they close the paper by clicking on “Finish Paper” and then clicking on “Confirm” option. Never do that until you are finished with your paper because if you do this then you will not be able to Login again as your paper will be finished (no matters you have enough time left). Always close your paper by clicking on cross sign of Internet explorer in case of error or any trouble.

Try to prepare from past papers because mostly 60-70% comes from past papers. (Dont forget to read handout too).

Mostly Subjective Questions are concept based (Based on case study, scenario etc) try to answer these questions logically, no need to provide definitions of such kind of questions until you are asked to write definition. For example the question can be like this

Suppose you are appointed as Manager of ABC company, and you are given a responsibility to guide all the employees in achievement of their goal, then what you would do to meet the desired outcomes?

you have to answer it like that as a manager I would act as a couch, facilitator or a motivator to guide my employees in achievement of their goals because when a manager treats his employees like a motivator or facilitator their trust on manager increases and they become more satisfied and productive resulting in achievement of positive results.

Thats it do not provide definition for such kind of concept based questions. first try to understand the question and then use your own thoughts to answer it in logical way.

MCQs questions are of 1 mark. Do not leave them, Attempt all the questions and save them before going to next question, If you do not know the answer of any MCQ then make logical guess but do not leave it as there is no negative marking in VU. Choose the answer that you think is closely related to the asked question.

After attempting all Questions Before finishing the paper, remember to check that you have attempted all the required questions and then finish the paper.

If you are solving the questions then do not forget to save all of your paper. It is essential point to remember for VU Exams

At Last do you best and Leave the rest on Allah Almighty. If you will try a little bit then InshaAllah you will get good marks in Exams. Do not come to Chat during your exams until you really need study related help in Chat room” Try to avoid wasting your time during exams and study for atleast 3-4 hours with concentration. (It does not matter how you prepared but Mind presence and concentration is essential to get good marks in VU)

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sana admin nice job

ye bnda first  time m hi sikh jata h

na kr

Good Job sana sis 

Keep it up




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