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GSC101: General Science ﴾GSC101﴿ online Quiz # 1

Question # 1 of 10

Two rectangular strips of copper and steel are wrapped up to form a bimetal strip. On heating, the bimetal strip will:

Select correct option

  • Contract
  • Remain straight
  • Bend with steel on the convex side
  • Bend with steel on the concave side

Question # 2 of 10

The energy stored in a hydroelectric Dam is:

Select correct option

  • Thermal Energy
  • Kinetic Energy
  • Chemical Energy
  • Potential Energy

Question # 3 of 10

Which of the following statement/s is/are correct?

Select correct option

  • Optical fibers can bend light using the principle of Laws of refraction
  • Optical fibers bend the light beam using the principle of total internal reflection
  • Optical fibers cannot bend the light
  • Optical fibers can bend light using the principle of Laws of reflection


Question # 4 of 10

The unit of power is represented by

Select correct option

  • J s
  • J / s
  • W s
  • W / s

Question # 5 of 10

When water is heated from 0º C to 20º C its volume:

Select correct option

  • First decreases and then increases
  • Goes on decreasing
  • Goes on increasing
  • Remains constant up to 4º C and then increases


Question # 6 of 10

Lens used in simple microscope is:

Select correct option

  • Biconvex
  • Biconcave
  • Plano convex
  • Cylindrical


Question # 7 of 10

Thermostats are thermomechanical or thermoelectrical devices which are used to:

Select correct option

  • measure temperature
  • control temperature
  • increase temperature
  • decrease temperature


Question # 8 of 10

For internal energy, which is/are true?

i. It is sum of all forms of energies associated with molecules of a system

ii. t is a state function of a system

iii. It is proportional to transnational K.E of the molecules

Select correct option

  • ﴾ii﴿ & ﴾iii﴿ only
  • ﴾i﴿, ﴾ii﴿ & ﴾iii﴿
  • ﴾i﴿ only
  • ﴾i﴿ & ﴾iii﴿ only


Question # 9 of 10

The SI unit of Temperature is:

Select correct option

  • Kelvin
  • Celsius
  • Fahrenheit
  • Centigrade


Question # 10 of 10

Specific heat capacity is the property of the substance per unit:

Select correct option

  • Mass
  • Temperature
  • Weight
  • Volume


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