1. Total Numbers of Final paper will be 80
2. All 45 lectures will be part of final term exam.
3. Final paper will be consisted of 25% before mid syllabus (Lecture 1 - 22) and 75% after mid syllabus (lecture 23 - 45)
4. Paper will be consisted of 50% subjective and 50% objective type questions, there will be 40 MCQ''s and 4 questions of each category that is Marks 2, Marks 3 and Marks 5.
5. Obtained Marks will be calculated by combining the marks in all semester activities (Quizzes, Assignments, Mid term and Final term)
6. A student is supposed to get at least 20% marks in each semester activity to pass the course.
Important Note:
I will announce some important instructions regarding final term syllabus soon, so keep in touch.

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