FIN625 - Credit & Risk Management
Start Date : Jan 29, 2016 12:00 AM
End Date : Feb 01, 2016 11:59 PM
Total Marks : 10

1. Which of the following is the condition that increases the chance of loss?

Indirect (consequential) loss
Direct loss

2. Which of the following may be carried out for purposes other than credit risk transfer?

3. Which of the following can be statistically calculated using a measure of dispersion, such as the standard deviation

Objective risk
Subjective risk
Sovereign risk
Operational risk

4. Which of the following concern the amount of surplus capital of insurance companies included in the capital of the consolidated group?

Qualitative disclosures
Quantitative disclosures
Incidental disclosures
Accidental disclosures

5. Underlying instruments in the pool being securitized may include but are not restricted to all of the following, EXCEPT

6. Who pursued three aims in designing the new framework for credit risk mitigation?
The supervisor
The shareholder
The committee
The manager

7. Which of the following is defined as uncertainty based on a person’s mental condition or state of mind?

Objective Risk
Subjective Risk
Objective Probability
Subjective Probability

8. Who does not wish to discourage partial hedging but seeks to adopt a prudent approach to the maturity risks arising?

The supervisor
The shareholder
The committee
The manager

9. Which of the following are not currently subject to provincial registration or regulation, although a number of jurisdictions are considering the issue?

Financial Planners
Board of Directors

10. Which of the following is a computerized database that permits the risk manager to store and analyze risk management data?

Risk management information system
Risk Management Intranets and Web Sites
Value at risk analysis
A risk map

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