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ENG201 GDB Solution & Discussion Last Date:20-01-2017

Dear Students,

Graded Discussion Board for Business and Technical English (Eng201) will be opened from 19-01-2017 to 20-01-2017.

The topic for the GDB is:

If you had the chance to have a one-hour conversation with any successful business person, who would be the person you choose? Why? What areas would you discuss with that person?

Write your own views about the topic. Your comments should NOT exceed 120-150 words.

All the best!


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GDB Solution 

If i had the chance to have a one-hour conversation with any successful business person, I will choose a successful businessman or entrepreneur. The most important reason behind this conversation is that after conversation I have new ideas of business, its help me how can I start a new business, how can I manage this business. These business conversations are all about setting the tone for the meeting and much of this is all about good harmony and likeability. This allows for a more comfortable and relaxing atmosphere even before I will start with the agenda. Having a conversation that concludes with a finite set of actions that need to be taken is important to getting business done; this is called creating and executing a plan. However, not all conversations need to end in a commitment to a set of actions. Conversations for possibility are about engaging conversations for exploring and opening up new ideas and insights. These conversations include not only what’s inspiring, but also what’s unlikely or unpredictable for either an individual or a business. Leaders should seek to foster a culture that encourages these exploratory conversations because they help their employees see the world, their work and their business a little bit differently. For the same reason boredom spurs creativity, having conversations for possibility allows people to pursue solutions to problems more assiduously, and clear a path for more effective actions to be taken in their work. In the end, your conversation should lead to a win-win situation for the client so that the conversation will turn into a business partnership, a new venture, or a new account.

good work i apprieciate

Shukria @samreen ahmad 

eng201 gdb last date 20th jan 2017



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