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My today's paper of eng-201
Difference b/w the objectives of good and bad listening? 5 
Fill in the blanks. 5
T/F 5
Define inquiry letter?2
Adjustment attempts in AIOP plan?2
Remaining are mcqs+ T/F+blanks+ active/passive etc

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ENG 201 
Long questions were mostly filling th blanks and true and false a question related to transitional device was there full question is already shared by someone else ....! 1 acti e passive question was there mcqs were diffrent from manay topics!

#ENG201 CUrrent_Final_Paper
what do u understand by the word spatial?
what do u know abt term abbreviations?
important functions of progress report?
distinct features of empirical research report?
5 marks fill in the blanks
steps of planning oral presentation
difference b/t informational and analytical reports

By Zahid Iqbal

ENG201 Paper 25-Feb-2017 at 11:00 AM
Q1: What is memorandum?
Q2: Write three formats of progress report?
Q3: Identify as True / False - 2 marks
    a. HTML (Hypertext Markup Language)
    b. HIV (Human Immunity Virus)
Q4: Fill in the blanks by using words ( each, every ) - 3 marks
    a. We enjoyed ________ minute of our holidays.
    b. _____ student has written email.
    c. There are three paper sheets, take one of these _______.
Q5: True / false relating to Visual aids, Speech & presentation, letter. - 5 marks
Q6: Write different types of Sentence Structure. Give example of each. - 5 marks
Q7: Paragraph was given of "Sales Order", we need to Fill the given words properly in blanks of the paragraph.
- Some Mcqs were from past papers and mostly from Book.

aj tha eng201 ka paper... sare objt hi tha.. or past papers ma se ni aya tha... sbjt paper ma...Q. 1 restatement question

Q. 2 Define comma splice. And also correct: I wake up late this morning, I have not taken breakfast.

Q .3 fill the black ________ is cause of written block or stop in writing report. (poor audince analysis /poor defined purpose) [ ya statement wrong hai..but answer in in dono ma se hi ana tha.. kuch esi type ki thi]

Or 5 true /false about emperical research

or 5 Convert active voice into passive voice

My brother has completed the work.

Our team may be win the match

yesterday ,someone stole my pen.

ENG201 today's ppr...
true false
fill in the blanks; from types of visual aids
an outline is important than presentation itself why? comment
why the audience analysis is important
define agenda
three forms of progress report
write down five different prfixes and also the examples with noun
baqi yd na

Long questions
1. Norms of a social group(5marks)
2. Punctuation give five example (5 marks)
3. Active voice and passive voice (5 marks)
4. Visuals aid defined and we imagin that true or false (5 marks)
About Punctuation, sentences,visuals aids,
Oral communication,progress report,emprical research, 7 seven C's et


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