E-Commerce IT430 Download Complete Lectures 1-45

E-Commerce IT430_Lecture01.mp4 (www.vuhelp.pk)
E-Commerce IT430_Lecture02.mp4 (www.vuhelp.pk)
E-Commerce IT430_Lecture03.mp4 (www.vuhelp.pk)
E-Commerce IT430_Lecture04.mp4 (www.vuhelp.pk)
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E-Commerce IT430_Lecture07.mp4 (www.vuhelp.pk)
E-Commerce IT430_Lecture08.mp4 (www.vuhelp.pk)
E-Commerce IT430_Lecture09.mp4 (www.vuhelp.pk)
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E-Commerce IT430_Lecture11.mp4 (www.vuhelp.pk)
E-Commerce IT430_Lecture12.mp4 (www.vuhelp.pk)
E-Commerce IT430_Lecture13.mp4 (www.vuhelp.pk)
E-Commerce IT430_Lecture14.mp4 (www.vuhelp.pk)
E-Commerce IT430_Lecture15.mp4 (www.vuhelp.pk)
E-Commerce IT430_Lecture16.mp4 (www.vuhelp.pk)
E-Commerce IT430_Lecture17.mp4 (www.vuhelp.pk)
E-Commerce IT430_Lecture18.mp4 (www.vuhelp.pk)
E-Commerce IT430_Lecture19.mp4 (www.vuhelp.pk)
E-Commerce IT430_Lecture20.mp4 (www.vuhelp.pk)
E-Commerce IT430_Lecture21.mp4 (www.vuhelp.pk)
E-Commerce IT430_Lecture22.mp4 (www.vuhelp.pk)
E-Commerce IT430_Lecture23.mp4 (www.vuhelp.pk)
E-Commerce IT430_Lecture24.mp4 (www.vuhelp.pk)
E-Commerce IT430_Lecture25.mp4 (www.vuhelp.pk)
E-Commerce IT430_Lecture26.mp4 (www.vuhelp.pk)
E-Commerce IT430_Lecture27.mp4 (www.vuhelp.pk)
E-Commerce IT430_Lecture28.mp4 (www.vuhelp.pk)
E-Commerce IT430_Lecture29.mp4 (www.vuhelp.pk)
E-Commerce IT430_Lecture30.mp4 (www.vuhelp.pk)
E-Commerce IT430_Lecture31.mp4 (www.vuhelp.pk)
E-Commerce IT430_Lecture32.mp4 (www.vuhelp.pk)
E-Commerce IT430_Lecture33.mp4 (www.vuhelp.pk)
E-Commerce IT430_Lecture34.mp4 (www.vuhelp.pk)
E-Commerce IT430_Lecture35.mp4 (www.vuhelp.pk)
E-Commerce IT430_Lecture36.mp4 (www.vuhelp.pk)
E-Commerce IT430_Lecture37.mp4 (www.vuhelp.pk)
E-Commerce IT430_Lecture38.mp4 (www.vuhelp.pk)
E-Commerce IT430_Lecture39.mp4 (www.vuhelp.pk)
E-Commerce IT430_Lecture40.mp4 (www.vuhelp.pk)
E-Commerce IT430_Lecture41.mp4 (www.vuhelp.pk)
E-Commerce IT430_Lecture42.mp4 (www.vuhelp.pk)
E-Commerce IT430_Lecture43.mp4 (www.vuhelp.pk)
E-Commerce IT430_Lecture44.mp4 (www.vuhelp.pk)
E-Commerce IT430_Lecture45.mp4 (www.vuhelp.pk)

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The goal of this assignment is to get you acquainted with concept of HTML, Java Script and CSS for building a web page.
Lectures Covered: 9-13
Uploading instructions:
 Your assignment must be in .rar or .zip format containing three files (.ppt or .pptx format file, html file and sound file).
 Solution in any other format will not be accepted.
 Save your assignment with your ID (e.g. mc140402249).
 No assignment will be accepted through email.
Rules for Marking:
Please read the following instructions carefully before submitting assignment:
 You will submit your assignment before or on due date on VU-LMS.
 Assignment should be completed by your own efforts it should not be copied from internet, handouts or books.
 If the submitted assignment does not open or file is corrupt, it will not be graded.
For any query about the assignment, contact at IT430@vu.edu.pk
Create a web page with a sound file embedded in it. The sound file must have extension .mp3 or .mp4. This sound file must contain National anthem of Pakistan and it must be auto start while the web page loads. Also include 5 different images of flag of Pakistan and move (scroll) them continuously from left to right. Images should not stop moving. Also move your Student ID and Name in the next line from right to left continuously. 20 marks
Hint: You can download anthem from this link; http://mp3-songs.pk/sc/file/119414478.mp3
Instructions for the assignment:
 You are required to make a presentation file (.ppt or .pptx) for your assignment solution
 Presentation will consist of maximum of 4-5 slides
 First slide will contain student name and ID
 Remaining slides will contain all the steps involved in creating web page.
 You are also required to embed your voice (record your voice) in all slides of the presentation
 In first slide, you will speak your name and ID, and in remaining slides, you are required to explain all the steps.
 Your introduction and explanation should not take more than 4 to 5 minutes
 Add your html code and also embed your html page (.html file) into another slide.
Tutorial for how to embed (record your voice) in power point is available on the following URL:
No marks will be awarded if you do not embed your voice in the presentation.
Do not put any query on MDB about this assignment, if you have any query then email at it430@vu.edu.pk.


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